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Ankle Reconstruction & Surgery Adelaide

Dr Hutchinson has a special interest in the treatment of ankle injuries and performs a high volume of ankle reconstructions in Adelaide. He performs ankle surgery for some of the best athletes in Australia, including professionals in the AFL, AFLW, SANFL, NBL and Superleague Netball. He offers the same very high level of care to ‘weekend warriors’ and emerging junior athletes in all sporting codes as he does to those currently competing at the highest level. Dr Hutchinson has specific, sub-specialist training, both within Australia and overseas, in treating ankle injuries in both adults and growing athletes enabling him to treat patients of all ages.

All educational videos below have been created for you by Dr Hutchinson. They will provide you with up-to-date information about ankle injuries and treatment, no matter what your age, occupation, hobbies or other activities that you enjoy. The ‘Everything you need to know’ video is comprehensive and covers all aspects of ankle injuries and treatment. Below this are smaller, bite-sized, videos that focus on a particular topic. Written ankle injury education (in PDF format) is also available to download.

Ankle Injury & Reconstruction Video Content

Ankle Injuries – Everything you need to know

A comprehensive educational video that walks you through how the ankle joint works, how it is injured and what the different treatment options are for.

Understanding the ankle joint

A comprehensive educational video that walks you through the anatomy and function of the ankle joint in easy-to-understand language.

Simple Ankle Sprains

Simple ankle sprains are usually mild injuries that can often respond well to non-surgical treatment. This educational video walks you through what a simple ankle sprain is, and what the best treatment options are.

Complex Ankle Sprains

Complex ankle sprains are severe injuries that often require surgical treatment for the best outcome. These injuries include ruptures of the ATFL, CFL and syndesmotic ligaments (high ankle sprains), fractures, and cartilage damage inside the ankle joint.

Chronic Ankle Sprains

If your ankle regularly gives way, is painful or you lack confidence in everyday actives and sports then it is likely you have a chronic ankle sprain.

Recovery after ankle surgery

How long will it be before you can return to study, work and sport after ankle surgery? Find out in this educational video.

Risks of Ankle Surgery

An educational video discussing the risks of ankle surgery.

Ankle Reconstruction Adelaide

Dr Matthew Hutchinson is an Australian and internationally trained orthopaedic surgeon who treats both Adults and Growing Athletes with hip, knee and ankle conditions. Based in Adelaide, Dr Matthew Hutchinson is an expert in ankle reconstructions.

Dr Hutchinson completed his medical degree at The University of Adelaide, and his orthopaedic surgery training at various hospitals in South Australia. He has also worked and trained at some of the most prestigious hospitals and universities in the world, during his clinical fellowships and advanced training in North America and Europe.

Dr Matthew Hutchinson now consults at a range of locations, including SportsMed Adelaide (Stepney), Mildura & Goolwa.

Dr Matthew Hutchinson treats a patient with an ankle injury

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