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About Dr Hutchinson

Dr Matthew Hutchinson is an Australian and internationally trained orthopaedic surgeon who treats both Adults and Growing Athletes with hip, knee and ankle conditions.

Dr Hutchinson is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon to a number of professional sporting teams within the AFL, AFLW, SANFL, NBL and Super Netball League. He provides the same very high standard of care to ‘weekend warriors’, emerging junior athletes and everyday patients as he does to those currently competing at the highest level.

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General Practitioner and Patient education videos

Dr Hutchinson has published a series of educational videos for Patients and General Practitioners that focus on common hip, knee and ankle conditions. These videos are factual, unbiased, evidenced-based and high quality.

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Dr Matthew Hutchinson- Adelaide orthopaedic surgeon

Dr Hutchinson treats the following patients from the age of 9 years and upwards

Privately insured



Third Party Claims

Work Cover

Uninsured (self-funded)

Dr Hutchinson does not provide opinions on Public Liability claims or provide Permanent Impairment Assessments.

Dr Matthew Hutchinson- Adelaide orthopaedic surgeon

Dr Hutchinson treats the following conditions

Hip (adult patients only)

Hip arthritis

Knee (adults and children)

ACL injuries (and all other knee ligament injuries)


Cartilage injuries

Loose bodies

Meniscal tears

Sporting injuries

OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) of the knee

Patella instability (patella dislocation)

Ankle (adults and children)

Anterior impingement

Cartilage injuries


Ligament injuries (ATFL / CFL / Deltoid ligament ruptures)

Loose bodies

OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) of the ankle

Posterior impingement (Os trigonum)

Sporting injuries

Syndesmosis injuries (high ankle sprains)

Foot (adult patients only)

Plantar fasciitis

Dr Hutchinson performs the following procedures

Hip (adult patients only)

Total Hip Replacement (Direct anterior approach)

Knee (adults and children)

ACL reconstruction


Cartilage regeneration procedures (microfracture)

Knee replacement (3D patient-specific technology)

Meniscal repair

Meniscal trimming (partial meniscectomy)

Patella stabilisation surgery

Ankle (adults and children)


Cartilage injuries / loose bodies

Cartilage regeneration procedures (microfracture)

Fracture treatment/management

Ligament repair/reconstruction

OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) of the ankle

Syndesmosis fixation/stabilisation

Foot (adult patients only)

Endoscopic (keyhole) plantar fascia release

Your referral is personally reviewed by Dr Hutchinson

Dr Hutchinson personally reviews all referrals. If your patient requires further imaging, we will contact your patient directly and arrange for this to occur prior to their appointment.

If Dr Hutchinson is not the most appropriate surgeon to treat your particular condition, then he will provide a letter to you and your patient, recommending another specialist and/or treatment pathway.

Some orthopaedic conditions respond better to non-operative treatment, and in this situation after viewing your referral and your patient’s on-line imaging Dr Hutchinson may recommend that your patient see an experienced Sports Doctor, Sports Physician, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist. Dr Hutchinson can assist with recommending the best team to help you patient recover without surgery.

Communication with Dr Hutchinson

Dr Hutchinson will provide you with a detailed letter, in a timely fashion, after consulting with your patient. This will include a summary of the clinical history, physical examination findings and the recommended treatment pathway.

If surgery is required, Dr Hutchinson will provide you with an operation report and post-operative treatment plan within 48 hours of the procedure taking place.

If you have not received adequate communication from Dr Hutchinson, please call (08) 8130 1225 and we will immediately send you the required information.

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