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Dr Hutchinson has a special interest in the treatment of hip arthritis and performs a high volume of hip replacement surgery using the direct anterior approach where no muscles or tendons are cut. Dr Hutchinson provides surgical care to some of the best athletes in Australia, including professionals in the

AFL, AFLW, SANFL, NBL and Superleague Netball. He offers the same very high level of care to everyday patients who are suffering from hip arthritis. He is passionate about helping his patients, of all ages, return to the best possible function and quality of life.

Dr Matthew Hutchinson performing Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery in Adelaide

All educational videos below have been created for you by Dr Hutchinson. They will provide you with up-to-date information about hip arthritis and hip replacement surgery. The ‘Everything you need to know’ video is comprehensive and covers all aspects of hip arthritis and hip replacement surgery. Below this are smaller, bite-sized, videos that focus on a particular topic. Written education (in PDF format) is also available to download.

Dr Matthew Hutchinson is an orthopaedic hip surgeon in Adelaide. He has experience performing all types of hip surgeries including, the posterior approach, the lateral approach and the anterior hip replacement.

Hip Arthritis & Hip Replacement Video Content

Hip Replacement – Everything you need to know

In this evidence-based educational video, Dr Hutchinson walks you through everything you need to know about hip replacement, including;

What is hip arthritis?

What exactly does your doctor mean when they tell you that you have hip arthritis? In this practical and evidence-based educational tool Dr Hutchinson informs you about what hip arthritis is, and why is causes pain, stiffness and challenges with everyday activities.

What is a hip replacement?

Practical and easy to understand educational tool, with beautiful videography and annimations, that takes all the mystery out of what a hip replacement actually is.

What are the different options for hip replacement?

Practical and easy to understand educational tool, with beautiful videography and animations, that walks patients through the different approaches that surgeons use to replace your hip joint. This video takes away all the mystery from the ‘posterior approach’, ‘lateral approach’ and ‘direct anterior approach’ for hip replacement.

What is direct anterior approach hip replacement?

Direct anterior approach hip replacement is a minimally-invasive hip replacement technique that involves a surgeon replacing your hip joint through a small incision without cutting through any muscles.

Recovery after anterior hip replacement

Practical and easy to understand educational tool, with beautiful videography and animations, that walks patients through all the phases of recovery after hip replacement with the direct anterior approach.

How long will my hip replacement last?

In this practical easy to understand educational tool, Dr Hutchinson uses the latest evidence to let you know exactly how long you can expect your hip replacement to last.

What are the risks of hip replacement?

Practical and easy to understand educational tool, with beautiful videography and animations, that informs patients about the major risks of hip replacement surgery.

Do I need a hip replacement?

In this practical and evidence-based educational tool, Dr Hutchinson discusses the major factors that determine if and when a patient requires a hip replacement. He also discusses the non-operative treatments for hip arthritis.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Approach

The direct anterior approach, which is the technique I prefer to use for the vast majority of my patients, takes place through the front of your hip joint. The size of your incision depends a little bit on the size of a patient, but in general it is quite small, about 6-10cm in length.

Rather than splitting muscles or cutting tendons, we move in between the muscles on the front of the hip, to gain access and replace the joint.  At the end of the procedure no muscles or tendons require repairing with suture, because they have not been cut during the operation.

The principle of the anterior approach is to allow patients to mobilise more quickly, with less pain and weakness early after the operation.

Posterior Hip Replacement Approach

As the name suggests, this approach replaces your hip through your bottom muscles. A surgeon separates the largest muscle in your body, called the gluteus maximus, that is just under the skin of your buttocks. The surgeon then detaches some tendons around the bone of your hip, to expose and replace the joint. At the end of the operation these tendons are repaired back to bone with suture. The gluteus maximus muscle is also repaired back together with sutures.

Lateral Hip Replacement Approach

The lateral approach involves detaching part of a tendon, called the gluteus medius tendon, from the thigh bone. Gluteus medius is one of the most important muscles and tendons around your hip joint. Once the hip is replaced, the gluteus medius tendon is repaired back to the bone with suture material.

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