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Knee arthroscopy

Dr Hutchinson has a special interest in knee arthroscopy (keyhole surgery of the knee) and performs a high volume of this surgery. He performs knee arthroscopy for some of the best athletes in Australia, including professionals in the AFL, AFLW, SANFL, NBL and Superleague Netball. He offers the same very high level of care to weekend warriors, emerging junior athletes and everyday patients of all ages as he does to those currently competing at the highest level. Dr Hutchinson has specific, sub-specialist training, both within Australia and overseas, in performing knee arthroscopy in both adults and growing athletes enabling him to treat patients of all ages.

Knee Arthroscopy Adelaide - Dr Matthew Hutchinson demonstrates how a Knee Arthroscopy is performed

All educational videos below have been created for you by Dr Hutchinson. They will provide you with up-to-date information about knee arthroscopy, no matter what your age, occupation, hobbies or other activities that you enjoy. There is a focus on knee arthroscopy for meniscus injuries because this is the most common reason for knee arthroscopy. The ‘Everything you need to know’ video is comprehensive and covers all aspects of meniscus injury and treatment. Below this are smaller, bite-sized, videos that focus on a particular topic. Written meniscus injury education (in PDF format) is also available to download.

Dr Matthew Hutchinson is an orthopaedic surgeon who performs knee arthroscopies in Adelaide. Knee arthroscopy can be used to treat a number of knee injures.


Education Video Content On Knee arthroscopy

Meniscus Tears – Everything you need to know

Ever been told that you have injured a ‘cartilage pad’ inside your knee? Or maybe that you need surgery to trim away some ‘loose cartilage’ within your knee joint?

Acute meniscal tears – Younger patients with healthy knee joints

Acute meniscal tears usually occur in younger patients with otherwise healthy knee joints. Unless repaired promptly with key-hole surgery, most meniscal tears will never heal and this can have disastrous consequences for a younger patient’s future knee health.

Degenerative meniscal tears – Knees with some pre-existing wear & tear

Degenerative meniscus tears usually occur in older patients, where the knee is beginning to wear out. Find out what the best treatment is for your meniscal tear in this evidence-based and easy-to-understand video….

Does arthroscopy help arthritic knees?

Not all patients will benefit from key-hole knee surgery (knee arthroscopy) to trim ‘loose cartilage’ within their knee joint. However, some patients will have significant benefit.

What is a meniscus?

A meniscus is the unsung hero of your knee joint. Without a meniscus your knee would be unable to absorb shock properly and arthritis would develop rapidly.

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