First Appointment

Dr Matthew Hutchinson- Adelaide orthopaedic surgeon

What patients does Dr Hutchinson treat?

Privately insured



Third Party Claims

Work Cover

Uninsured (self-funded)

Dr Hutchinson does not provide opinions on Public Liability claims or provide Permanent Impairment Assessments.

Any patient can make an appointment with Dr Hutchinson, but you will require a valid referral from your General Practitioner to claim a Medicare rebate for your consultation. You will need to send your referral to Dr Hutchinson’s rooms prior to your appointment.

Phone (08) 8130 1225

Fax (08) 8362 0071

e-mail a photograph of your referral to Dr Hutchinson’s Personal Assistant hutchinsonadmin@sportsmed.com.au

Dr Hutchinson reviews all referrals. If you have not had appropriate imaging, he will refer you for further scans before your appointment. This saves you time and money from multiple specialist appointments.

If Dr Hutchinson is not the most appropriate surgeon to treat your particular condition, then he will provide a letter to your General Practitioner recommending another specialist and/or treatment pathway.

Some orthopaedic conditions respond better to non-operative treatment, and in this situation after viewing your referral and on-line imaging Dr Hutchinson may recommend that you see an experienced Sports Doctor, Sports Physician, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist. Dr Hutchinson can assist with recommending the best team to help you recover without surgery.

Why do I need to arrive 10 minutes before my appointment?

Patients often underestimate travel time, and this can mean turning up late to their appointment. There is also paperwork to fill in prior to your appointment, so we suggest arriving at least 10 minutes before your appointment time.

If you arrive late for your appointment, your consultation time may need to be reduced in order to respect the time Dr Hutchinson spends with other patients who have arrived on time.

If you are running late, please phone ahead. All efforts will be made to accommodate your appointment (we understand that sometimes things happen that are out of our control). Sometimes you may be required to reschedule your appointment.

If you are having an x-ray taken prior to your appointment, you will be advised what time to arrive for this.

Dr Matthew Hutchinson- Adelaide orthopaedic surgeon
Dr Matthew Hutchinson- Adelaide orthopaedic surgeon

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Copy of imaging reports (Dr Hutchinson will view these images on-line but needs to know exactly what company performed them. Details on the imaging reports are also required to log in and view your scans)

Copy of your valid referral

List of current medications and allergies

Private health insurance details

Work Cover Claim number if applicable (you will be required to pay for all fees without this)

What clothes should I wear to my appointment?

Loose fitting clothing is most appropriate. Please try to avoid wearing skirts, or tight-fitting clothing such as jeans or active wear that are challenging to roll up above your ankle and/or knee. Loose-fitting active wear is fine, so long as it can be rolled up well above your knee joint. Dr Hutchinson is often seen wearing tracksuit pants outside of work, and even during weekend visits to his patients in hospital, so please feel free to wear your daggiest pair!

A disposable patient gown is available for you to change into if required.


Shorts or loose-fitting pants


Shorts or loose-fitting pants that can be easily rolled up above your knee joint


Shorts or loose-fitting pants that can be easily rolled up above your ankle and knee joint

What will happen during my consultation with Dr Hutchinson?

  • Dr Hutchinson will talk with you about your symptoms; What is bothering you? Where is the pain? What is it stopping you from doing? What impact is it having upon your life?
  • Dr Hutchinson may also ask you questions about your occupation, hobbies, lifestyle and other health history. This helps Dr Hutchinson understand your unique situation, and how best to assist you with recovery.
  • Dr Hutchinson will examine your problematic joint. This is usually not painful, and all efforts will be made to make to keep you comfortable.
  • Dr Hutchinson will view your scans, and any other appropriate investigations, then explain to you the diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.
  • Dr Hutchinson will send a detailed letter to your General Practitioner explaining the diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.
  • If you require surgery you will meet with Dr Hutchinson’s Personal Assistant after your consultation to discuss a potential date for your surgery.
  • Sometimes further investigations, and a follow up appointment, are required to obtain the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
Dr Matthew Hutchinson- Adelaide orthopaedic surgeon
Dr Matthew Hutchinson- Adelaide orthopaedic surgeon

Can I bring someone else with me to my appointment?

Dr Hutchinson encourages you to bring a support person to your consultation. This may be a friend, family member and/or parent. It’s always good to have someone to help you remember certain details of the consultation, or to ask any questions that you may forget to ask yourself.

Parents of younger patients

Mum and Dad are both encouraged to attend any appointment with their child.

Adult patients with children

You are unlikely to get the most of your consultation if you are also caring for a child/children. Dr Hutchinson has 4 children and understands how challenging it can be to arrange childcare during appointments, but please do try to plan ahead for this.

Does Dr Hutchinson charge out of pocket expenses or 'gaps'?

Dr Hutchinson does charge fees for both consultations and surgery. These fees will be discussed with you when you make your appointment, and prior to any surgical procedure. Dr Hutchinson does not charge any booking or management fees.

Dr Hutchinson’s practice is a small business with significant overheads.  Some of the often-unseen costs in providing his patients timely and quality care include administration and nursing staff, IT, rent, electricity, phones, stationary, medical supplies and travel to regional locations.

Medicare only funds a doctor’s time and service to patients.  It does not fund any business expenses/overheads.  This is why the concept of a ‘gap’ exists. This payment is a contribution by patients to cover the gap between the Medicare payment and the total expenses of providing care within the private sector.

The private system offers patients significant choice and rapid access to both specialist appointments and elective surgery.  Many elective surgery procedures available within the private system are not available within the public system.  The waiting period for most elective orthopaedic appointments and surgical procedures within the public system in South Australia is a number of years.  Dr Hutchinson provided 10 years of service within the public system and continues to liaise with his colleagues working in public hospitals.  If you would like to be referred to your local public hospital, Dr Hutchinson can assist with this. However, a referral from Dr Hutchinson into the public system will not decrease your waiting period.

Dr Hutchinson prides himself on providing a very high standard of care to his patients. He will always give you as much time as required, answer questions and ensure that you are well-informed about your options. His online patient education videos are one example of the level of care and commitment he provides to his patients.

Dr Matthew Hutchinson- Adelaide orthopaedic surgeon

What if Dr Hutchinson is running late?

If Dr Hutchinson is running 20 minutes late an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone to notify you of the anticipated delay in your appointment time. If you have already arrived to see Dr Hutchinson at the Stepney Healthcare Hub, staff will provide you with a free coffee voucher for Three Sons Espresso.  You can enjoy a drink there while you wait for your appointment. You also have the option to reschedule your appointment if the delay in your appointment time is too inconvenient.

If you would like to call ahead at any time to confirm your appointment time, please do.

Dr Hutchinson prides himself on running on-time and understands how frustrating it can be waiting to see a doctor.  However, sometimes a patient or their family may require more time with Dr Hutchinson than anticipated, or a severely injured patient may require an emergency appointment. For these reasons, and others, Dr Hutchinson may occasionally be running late when consulting.

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